About Us

The Himalayan Spirit Academy was registered in Office of Company Register having also been register in the office at Japhe, Dolakha District, on 20th December of 2010, (2067/09/05) company not distributing profit. It was also registered by the tax office and, as well, registered and upgraded, every year, by the Ministry of Education. This feature is useful when you can you recover overwritten files only need to retrieve a few important files without cluttering your system with unnecessary data.

All of these identities mention above, are the essential regulating bodies that control the school activities in Nepal.

How we started.

As trekking guides, the HSA team is constantly travelling to various destinations in Nepal during the trekking season. Our team thinks and talks about people’s situations and difficulties, developing our focus is on those who are living in remote areas of countryside.

Each one of the trekking guides grew up in this village but, due to our daily work situation, we no longer live there. However, each time we return to this area, we notice the little changes already made. – In the “Administration” section, click on “Website & Scripting” to expand the recover deleted files from sd card android app options. Although, the villagers also feel the upgrading and want us to continue to make a contribution which we are happy to try to improve, to give our best and make things happen – it is very important step for the future happiness and development of our community which we strongly believe that education plays a major and essential role.

The current situation in our schools requires the children to leave school before complete it, mostly because of their financial means: – truth is that the majority of the population here is living under the poverty line. Without the children of the village receiving a proper education, this cycle of poverty cannot be broken and, without sufficient financial support, the children of the village won’t be able to receive a proper education and break this cycle.

After long discussions, the HSA team has decided how to act and made a plan to do whatever is best to help society.

The Nepalese Government is doing their best but, there is lack of resources and is not capable to do everything that would like to or is necessary.

Gladly, some funds have recently started to be collected and this way, a small program can begin and help students to stay at school.